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The Batman 2022

The Batman 2022 film torrent

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Genere: Azione, Crime, Drammatico
Direttore: Matt Reeves
Celebrità: Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturo
Riepilogo: Nel suo secondo anno nella lotta al crimine, Batman scopre la corruzione a Gotham City che associa alla sua stessa famiglia quando affronta un serial killer noto come Riedler.
Contenitore = Matroska (mq)
Durata = 02:47
Dimensione file = 849 MiB
Informazioni codec = AVC | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
Risoluzione = 720×304
Visualizzazione AR = | : 1
Bit rate = Frame rate = CFR Spazio colore = YUV
Campionamento colore = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264 – 157° core
– Suono
Informazioni codec = AAC A_AAC-2
Canale = 2
Bit rate = frequenza di campionamento = kHz
Lingua = inglese

Quando l’Enigmista, un sadico serial killer, inizia a uccidere importanti personaggi politici a Gotham, Batman è costretto a indagare sulla corruzione nascosta nelle città a mettere in discussione il coinvolgimento della sua famiglia.

Il visionario regista Robert Eggers presenta il film d’azione Northerner, che segue il giovane principe vichingo nella sua ricerca di vendetta per l’omicidio di suo padre.



VIDEO: 1100 Kbps


CONTINUA: 2 ore 56 minuti 23 secondi


SUONO: 384 kbps AC3




NOTA: divertiti

Batman (2022) – 720p – x264 – AAC – 1000 kbit (nome della versione)

Una madre che deve affrontare l’insopportabile realtà dei suoi gemelli sopravvissuti.

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The Ten Commandments 1956

The Ten Commandments 1956 utorrent Mikey Download Movie Torrent

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To avoid the edict of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses I (Ian Keith), which condemns all newborn Jews, Moses’ son (Fraser C. Heston) was allowed to float on the Nile in a reed basket. He was saved by the daughter of Pharaoh Beatty (Nina Foch), she adopts him and raises him at the court of his brother, Pharaoh Sethi (Sir Cedric Hardwick). Moses (Charlton Heston) acquires the affection of Setis and the love of Princess Nefretiri (Anne Baxter), as well as hatred for his son Ramses II (Jul Briner). When his Jewish heritage is revealed, Moses is expelled from Egypt and travels through the wilderness where he marries, has a son, and God commands him to return to Egypt to free the Jews from slavery. In Egypt, Moses’ worst enemy is not Ramses II, but someone close to him who can harden his heart. Ron Kerrigan mvg @;

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Black Widow 2021

Black Widow 2021 DVDR yify Free Movie Download Torrent

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Director: Kate Shortland
Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pew, David Harbor, Fagben, Rachel Weiss
Plot: Natasha Romanov, also known as the Black Widow, is facing a dark head from her big book when a dangerous conspiracy related to her past appears. Chased by a force that will stop at nothing to overthrow her, Natasha has to deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships she left behind long before she became an Avenger.
Container = Matroska (avi)
Duration = 02:13
File size = 1 GiB
Codec Information = AVC V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×302
AR display = | : 1
Bitrate = 1,200 kbps
Framerate = CFR Color Space = YUV
Chromaticity test = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264 – core 142 r2479 dd79a61
Codec information = AC-3 | A_AC3
Channel = 6
Bitrate = CBR 384 kb / s
Sampling frequency = kHz
Language = English

Director: Kate Shortland

Screenwriters: Eric Pearson (screenplay), Jack Schaefer (short story), Ned Benson (short story)

Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pew, David Harbor

Plot / story:

A film about Natasha Romanov in her search between the films from the Civil War and the War of Infinity.


Full name :

Format: AVI

Format / information: Audio video interlacing

File size: GiB

Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes

Total bit rate: 1,741 kbps

Text: for parts without English + included files (HI)

Video clips

ID: 0

Format: MPEG-4 Visual

Profile format: Advanced

Format setting, BVOP: 2

Format setting, QPel: No.

Shape adjustment, GMC: No bending point

Format adjustment, Matrix: Default ()

Codec ID: XVID

Codec ID / Tip: XviD

Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes

Bitrate: 1600 kb / s

Width: 720 pixels

Height: 304 pixels

Aspect ratio: 1

Frame rate: (24000/1001) FPS

Color space: YUV

Color test: 4: 2: 0

Bit depth: 8 bits

Scan type: Progressive

Compression mode: Lost

Bits / (Pixels * Frame):

Sizeof flow: GiB (92%)

Writing Library: XviD 64


ID: 1

Format: MPEG audio

Version format: Version 1

Profile format: Layer 3

Codec ID: 55

Codec ID / Tip: MP3

Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes

Bitrate mode: Constant

Bitrate: 128 kbps

Channels: 2 channels

Sampling frequency: kHz

Compression mode: Lost

Streaming rate: 122 MiB (7%)

Alignment: Parallel to the interlaces

Interleave, duration: 24 ms (video frame)


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Hard Hit 2021

Hard Hit 2021 HD BRRip XviD Movie Download Torrent

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Hard Hit 2021 720p Korea HDRip H264 BONE

Original title:

Also Known As: Black Call, Restricted Call, Penalty, Barsinjehan, Eungjing,

Directed by: Kim Chang Ju

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Tags: bomb attack, explosion, father-child relationship, police, disaster (vote or add tag)

Country: South Korea

Type: film

Release DATE: June 23, 2021

Duration: 1 hour 34 minutes.

Language: Korean

Subtitle: No /

Busan central bank chief Sung Gyu urged his daughter, Hye In, to take her college entrance exams. Incoming calls on Hye Ins phones with restrictions on the display of numbers (also known as «black call» slang). He got the call and a voice said to him: There’s a bomb under your seat right now. As soon as you stop and get out of the car, it will explode, he was told.

In the heart of downtown Busan, the Sung Gyus family’s terrible journey begins. Limited Call is an urban thriller that follows a family under unforeseen circumstances because of a mysterious phone call.

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Extraction 2020 HDRip

Extraction 2020 HDRip KickAss Grits free torrent download

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Type: Practical, Exciting
Director: Hargrave himself
Actors: Chris Hemsworth, David Harbor, Golshifte Farahani, Rudraksh Jaisual, Pankai Tripati
Conspiracy: Tyler Rake, a fearless mercenary in the black market, begins his miserable career as he plans to rescue a kidnapped international criminal kidnapped child.
Vessel = Matroska (AVI)
Time = 01:57
File size = 1 GB
– Video
Codec Information = AVC V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×302
Show AR = | : 1
Bitrate = 1300 kbps
Frame Rate = CFR Color Space = YUV
Chrome selection = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264 – base 142 r2479 dd79a61
Codec Information = AC-3 | A_AC3
Route = 6
Bitrate = CBR 384 kbps
Sample frequency = kHz
Language = English
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